Here is what Video in Picture for Vista allows you to do:

  • Watch videos in a "picture in picture" type box. Very useful for online videos where you have lots of content you don't want to be shown while you watch videos.
  • Create live thumbnail previews that stay put. Close them by double-clicking on the preview.
  • Resize the thumbnail previews by dragging the borders.
  • Crop thumbnail previews by holding down the Ctrl key and dragging the borders. Get rid of all that white space around your YouTube videos you watch!
  • Move the previews around and dock them to any edge of the screen.
  • Make the previews stay on top of all other windows.
  • Make the previews transparent, both visually and to input. This means that you can see through the previews and click on items beneath it! Very useful when you want to watch a video while doing other work in another window.
  • Create these special thumbnail previews easily by using a tray icon.


  • Store target window settings in a database for future use (location, size, cropping). Note: This functionality exists in ViP 0.1.1 but there are some stability issues.
  • Create the special previews by just mousing over a taskbar button and hitting your spacebar. Note: This functionality exists in ViP 0.1.1 but did not work in all cases.
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